Dress Code

Wilson Dress Code Policy


In an effort to maintain a safe and orderly campus, as well as sustain a strong focus on academic achievement, the school community adopted a Dress Code. Dress code enforcement begins from the moment a student enters the campus until they leave the campus at the end of the day. The dress code applies to field trips and all other school-related activities. Students who violate the dress code will be sent to the office to change. Parents/guardians may be contacted and required to bring a change of clothing. Multiple violations will result in disciplinary action and the parent/guardian will be contacted. Adhering to the dress code is one way students show that they wish to be a part of the Wilson Middle School community. Staff member have the right to use their discretion to make a judgment to what is and is not appropriate for school.

Pants, shorts, and skirts

  • Worn at the waist, no sagging.
  • NO skin tight.
  • NO short dresses, shorts and skirts (no shorter than two inches above the knee, even with leggings).
  • Does not have un-hemmed, frayed or split-seam cuffs on jeans, pants, shorts, dresses or skirts.


  • Does not contain inappropriate language referencing to alcohol, drugs, smoking, violence or pictures that negatively represent any gender, race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or sexual nature.
  • NO tank tops, tube/strapless tops, muscle shirts or spaghetti straps. Sleeveless tops must be three inches wide at the shoulders
  • A jacket, sweater, sweatshirt, etc. may not be worn to cover up inappropriate clothing.
  • No low cut shirt
  • No see through shirt
  • No bare shoulder shirt


  • Must be closed toe.
  • No slippers or house shoes.
  • Sandals must have a back strap.
  • Heels cannot exceed 2 inches high.

Hats, caps, and hoods, etc.

  • NO gang-affiliated clothing. NO bandanas, dangling belts, wallet chains or insignia belts/buckles.
  • NO sport jerseys/jackets.
  • NO sunglasses, unless a doctor's note is on file.
  • NO hats, unless a doctor's note is on file.
  • NO hoods at any time.
  • Pajamas are not allowed.
  • Trench coats are prohibited.
  • No jewelry or body jewelry that may be deemed dangerous to oneself or others.
  • Earrings bigger than a quarter are not to be worn at school.
  • Writing on the body is not allowed.


  1. Warning

  2. Parent is called for appropriate change of clothes

  3. Student is given loaners to change into
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